My ex gave me money and now wants it back?

hello, me and my ex split, i broke it off with him. Due to his actions towards me. When we were together he gave me money as a gift. I rejected the money. He gave me $90 and he shoved it in my handbag. He messaged me not to long ago and demanded it back, me thinking back to the $109 VP fashions hair extensions, clothes, games and my ps4 mic his ugly good for nothing dog chewed up. I told him i wasn't paying him back. Did i make the right choice. He wants money for the $90 and apparently a psn plus he is apparently paying for, im paying for my own. What should i do?


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  • Cut your losses. Even if you're right, just give him the money so you can be done with him... that sounds like the better investment to me

    • I agree, wise move.

    • I came to a arrangement, that since i dont get my hair extensions back. His not getting his money back. He didn't worry about it a few weeks ago, must be low on drugs. Thats all my money went to, was his drug habits. I dont know if i should give it back. His dog has ruined enough things and his blamed it for "smelling of cat" (i have 2 cats)

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