Girlfriend broke up with me due her extreme anxiety. What do I do?

We have been together for 4 months and it's been an amazing relationship. But a couple of weeks ago, we had a fight where I messed up. I said some things that I shouldn't have and that really hurt her. Although the fight wasn't big at all, it somehow triggered her anxiety. I did admit that I was wrong and I apologised a lot. Things did get settled the same night and we met up 3 times after that and things seemed alright.

Now, yesterday she said "I'm not being able to snap out of the anxiety that fight gave me and I feel like I'm bringing you down with myself and it's not fair on you. I've been trying really hard to get that trust level back but I don't see us the same way after that fight.". And eventually, she broke things off and said goodbye. I said I respected her decision and I left her alone.

But now I feel completely lost. I know she has clearly told me that we can no longer see each other but I still feel that maybe she will come around once her head has cooled down. Because right before our fight, she said "You make me really happy and I'm glad I met you.". Shall I leave her alone for a few days and see if she reaches out to me? She did say that she still loves me a lot and she's going to miss me like crazy but she needs to fix herself first. I want to be there for her and comfort her because I know she needs love and care but I just feel helpless. Is there a chance she might come back and reconcile after a while? Should I leave her alone completely?


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  • best, I don't know? Wait for few days. My ex, always said that-"I'll always love you." Wait a few days.


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