How to forget someone?

How to overcome from breakups and continue further


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  • Takes time man, appreciate what you had and look to the future with someone else! They are the past let them stay in the past. You can't live in the present if you think in the past! It does take time, yet ultimately the choice is up to you to move on.

    I realized when i got rejected that she wasn't meant for me. She was what I wanted not what I needed. And it is importnat to have both wants and needs. What I mean by that is, yes looks and basic attraction is awesome, I wanted that, howeverr what I needed was deeper characteristics we both would have however she did not have those. So I realized, she isn't the one as I thought she was.

    Sorry bro, I know it hurts man. Cheers!

  • I'll call this person who you were as 'her'. Please do not get offended if it's another gender.

    Write up all her bad sides.
    Delete & block her from any social media
    Hang out with your friends and do not think about her
    Make yourself busy
    Get a hobby
    Do something you love to do
    Get a pet
    Do not listen any music that reminds you of her or any "sad" music.

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