Will she come back? I can't stand being without her...

So the thing is, I've known my ex for 6 years now...and at first, it wasn't such a big deal in "love terms"...everything was kind of informal, but as time passed by, we started bonding more and more...

The real deal started out about 3 years ago, when we started going out..everything was cool, and we were growing more and more day by day. That was back in 2007, but there is one little detail that I forgot to mention...She wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend, and we had to see, talk, and all else in a sneaky way...I would visit her at her College without her parents notice and all of that...On February 14th 2008, on Valentines...I made my first big mistake...She went over to my college to give me a surprise, and I just went away from the college as she went in and decided to give me some presents. She used a friend of mine to help her out with the surprise, but when I found out she was going, I just couldn't handle it and got really scared and went away...She was obviously devastated and broke up with me that same day because she just couldn't understand what I had done to her..I walked out on her, I didn't even see her that day...It was something really stupid...

So 4 months later we got back together again.That was in June. By October, her birthday was coming up...and she decided to make a really big party with all her friends and stuff...and I was supposed to be the most important person in the party for her of course...But I was so stupid that I just decided to not go to the party...And next day she called me crying saying that she didn't understand me...She couldn't take me anymore...and she could really wish if we could just be friends instead...I tried looking for her and all of that but she would refuse...But after a month, she decided to look for me...and so we started talking again and eventually got back together again...

Last year we broke up 2 more times..again because of my stupidities..One was because I dumped her ...but we got back together after 2 months...and the second one was because I was hitting on her best friend...But I denied everything...even though her best friend accused me and everything...But I managed to explain to her that it was just because I was drunk and I was not into her best friend...So we got back together for the final time...

now this year, we would still see each other and all that...But little problems started emerging...She would sometimes fight with me because we would see messages I had done with another girl, but nothing strong..just little things..and so she started not trusting me even more and more...And so she came to a conclusion/agreement with me...

"That we would take our time apart for some time until she graduated and was free to do do her own things without her parents to be bugging around, BUT, NO CONTACTING OTHER GIRLS..."...

At all this, we were still seeing each other without her parents noticing it because they obviously hate me for everything I've done to her...

After that agreement, I was kind of p*ssed for her decision to make that agreement...because I missed her...And she would still contact me ocassionally...But I would treat her in an uninterested way...
She later on found out through Facebook, (cuz she had my password) that I was privately messaging my ex girlfriend..So she didn't tell me anything, and like on June 15th (10 days after my Birthday), I found out she was going out with someone.
This was a big shock..and I called her for an explanation, but she just said that I had no right to tell her anything and that all of this was my fault and only mine..And that she could offer me her friendship...but she wouldn't break up with her new BF.
She's told me to move on..and that she'll be happy if I get another girl or something..And that she is happy already..She still calls me sometimes, but I can't understand how she doesn't love me now..and that was like all of a sudden...it's so unfair..
She also let me know that her parents hate me..so even if she takes me back, that would be a major obstacle, and no longer wants to be "the hiding girlfriend"...

Plus, she doesn't trust me...because of all of the past issues...
So my question is:

Can I get her back? Does she still love me?

Im going through much pain...and I just want her back...

Thanks in advance guys!


Most Helpful Guy

  • You want her back? Are you sure?

    The reason I ask is because you might say you do, but your actions tell a different tale. Not once, but time after time after time you go out of your way to hurt her (the person you supposedly love) rather than be there for her and support her. Why do you think you keep doing that?

    The only reason I can come up with is you don't really want to be with her, but you're just too stubborn to let her go and move on yourself.

    • You know, I get that answer all the time...

      But why do I feel sad? Why am I feeling bad for everything? Why do I miss her?

      I just need 1 more opportunity todemonstrate to her that I can treat her right and that we can be a happy couple...It's not impossible to do things right even after so many wrong-doings.

      But it's up to her now...and I hope she considers everythung and gives me one last shot!

      But does she still love? Is it possible she already forgot me so fast?

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What Girls Said 2

  • Just let her go. You don't treat her very well when you're with her. And she really deserves to be appreicated and loved by her boyfriend. Maybe somewhere down the line when you're more mature and you've figured out what you want (and you know it's her) you can approach her again. But right now you need to leave her alone and let her live her life.

    • But I don't want to wait "down the line" for so long....cuz I really miss her...

      Do you think she still loves me? Ur a girl, what do you think?

    • I don't know her so I can't say if she loves you or not. But that's besides the point. You've had many opportunities to show her who you are and each time you've hurt her. After trying so hard anyone would eventually give up (and yes, I've been there too). If you didn't appreciate her when you had her, why do you even miss her now?

  • You don't miss her! You just like the challenge! The fact that you can't have her and that someone else is making her happy is what's killing you. If you truly cared for her you would have realized that years ago and wouldn't have been such a jerk!


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  • umm I don't understand how she even took you a third time :O.. she was really patient with u. she sounds like she still loves you but doesn't want to be heart broken again. she thinks if you move on it will be easier for her to. and really how many times can you kill a girl? your lucky if she takes you back again, but if she does, you will have a chance with her, which means nothing bad you know. be romantic and really, try to build up trust so she can trust you to go to the parties afterwards... if you want her back you should act like you 2 never were together before ( but if you have to talk about it you should because it may get you 2 back together ) and try to get her to be your girlfriend like anyone would... I feel sorry for the both of u, what 2 go through.


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