Should I date my ex's friend?

I'm 19 years old and I went out with my ex girlfriend for about 4 months. While we went out mostly hung out with her friends. A few of them I knew, but most of them I met over those months. One of the girls I had known for a long time previously, we had liked each other on and off... but never went out.

Now that I'm over my ex(its been a few months), "the friend" and I have been texting a lot, just chit chatting about random things. I want to make a move but I don't know if it would be the smartest thing to do...i don't really want to get on my ex's bad side, we broke up rather nicely... ex is moving away in about a week...does that remove the problem? haha


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  • Do what you want. Life is too short to consider the kinds of things you're talking about.

    Sure, you don't want to upset your ex, but something like this that really isn't going to affect her directly, is not something you should sweat over.

    The only reason why a girl gets upset about her ex dating a friend of hers is because she believes she has control of you because you dated her.

    That means you have to have her blessing to do anything. When in real life, you don't. So do what you want, and have fun. If your ex cries about it, so be it, you're living your life.

  • sorry but.. that would be a douche move of you.


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