I'm getting ignored?

Basically I've liked this girl for 4 years!
I've only started talking to her and she started speaking to me too and it was all good
Then all of a sudden I was getting ignored my messages were being read and I was not getting any reply
She replies rarely and I need to know what to do next
I tried to change conversations to something more interesting
But I'm still getting ignored even when I say "hi" I get no replies
Someone please help this may be the last couple of chances I have.


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  • 4 years is a long time, why did it take so long for u to start a convo with her and what prompted u to start talking with her? Obviously something or someone has happened for her to have put u on ignore, it's a terrible place to be but there has to be a reason, maybe she is going through some issues and it's completely unrelated to you.. is that a possibility?

    • This may be a possibility (that she has different problems)

      I never had the courage to ask her or even speak to her in those years
      I'm in school and I see her everyday, I'm in my final year of secondary and i started speaking to her because I knew this was my last year to act or it's just me dwelling in the darkness.

      I've made massive progress I've lost 10kg of weight and I'm getting myself into shape

      But... whenever she needs help with her work. She is quick to reply, I don't know what is going on.

      What shall I do now?

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    • Nah i have the same problem tho. My girlfriend staryed ignoring me but went back to normal with everyone else. So more or less it does have to do with you and unless someone you ask tells you. Your not gonna find out.

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