When you look back at your previous relationship, what do you feel went wrong?

We'll try to have some generic reasons, in the opinion section. Like 'he slept with someone else' 'She kept blaming me for it over and over again'.
Voting is purely meant for your self-assessment of your role the tragedy. Do you think, had you been more mature, you would have avoided thw relationship or handled the reason of failure better?
  • I would have avoided it. I wasn't thinking right
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  • I would have handled it better. Partially I blame myself.
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  • My partner left me no option. It wasn't my fault.
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  • We both handled it well. It was no one's fault.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's just timing to be honest


What Guys Said 1

  • Sometimes it can be almost right but just something is off. My ex was a wonderful human being and she was everything I looked for but that spark was missing. Im much happier in my new relationship and feel it is much, much stronger


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