Ex keeps popping in and out of my life when he feels like it?

I’m going to try and not make this too long but I need you guys advice please? okay so here goes..
back in May around 5 months ago, I started seeing a guy who attends a different high school from me. we got on really well, had a connection , and we was both happy. however, in June things got quite stressful and he sadly lost a family member due to suicide which was rather hard on him and I tried the best I could to support him and be there for him and cheer him up in anyway I could and due to him losing someone he was close with he pulled away from me and didn’t really treat me like a girlfriend anymore and this is when we started arguing with eachother and started seeing eachother less and I began to think there was someone else and he would always get angry when I said like I feel like you have someone else and he’d break up with me Continuously before he said we’re done for good so I accepted the fact that we was done and I no longer initiated contact with him and thought I’d never hear from him again only to wake up to a weird text three days after we breakup in the early hours of the morning saying ‘I take it the thunder woke you too?’ and I just said ‘yeah’ and he ignored it. this cycle is still ongoing he’d message every couple of weeks with something so stupid or random that silly me I know, replied to and the last time we spoke was about a month ago and he pops up on the month which was two days ago, saying ‘do you want to meet some time?’ and then persists to tell me he loves me and misses me and asked if I’ve been with anyone and I was actually meant to meet him yesterday but I didn’t want to as I got the feeling he’s try and do something as he was with his mates and I wasn’t too sure how that’d go down, anyways when I replied to his message I just said ‘sorry was busy, couldn’t come.’ and he sent a heart and then I asked him like what are your intentions with me and he blocked the messages but hasn’t fully blocked me on Facebook.


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  • Possibly still depressed. I wouldn't play with his feelings, as suicide is a high risk of death to him currently. Try to meet with him. Set a time and place. Don't ask " can we meet " Just say, " Meet you tomorrow @ X place x time. Hope to see you there :) " see for his response.

    • That’s the thing I feel he’s playing with my feelings and coming and going and that’s why I I don’t want to get attached anymore because I knew he wouldn’t stick around for long

    • Then simply cut the connections. If necessary block him from social media and make it obvious you want to move on.

What Girls Said 1

  • and this is going to keep going and going unless you put an end to it.

    • I know it is I just don’t understands whys he’s wasting his time in playing mind games like it’s actually quite boring

    • coz he is still not totally over you and he is feeling all these emotions following the tragedy in his family and your relationship is taking a toll on him. why don't you try to meet up with him to comfort him. right now, he needs a friend.

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