How do you leave?

How do you get out of a relationship you aren't happy in , don't have sex in, are mentally abused , and afraid of the guy? You live with the person and its all a big lie that you feel completely lost in. And are scared to death. you are jumpy at everything because you are told where to walk , not to get anything on any thing. you Basicly have no identity left. How? If your frozen from fear?


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  • Move out go stay with a relative if you have to just not a good place to be. Fuck him. Do better for yourself be the woman you were ment to be not locked in a cage. you're not no damn bird

    • Thank you for responding. this has been going on for a long time. I don't know why I'm not acting on it. I guess I'm scared. He's made some pretty bad remarks. Saying ill wake up dukk taped and just horrible things. He's very mild msnored when you first meet him and is nice to everyone but me. I'm living a lie because I love someone else that doesn't love me but I just want out so I can start over. Thank. You again

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    • Ok ill do that. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Alright glad to help.

  • Maybe you can have conversation with your family members ( mom/ dad) or make a close friend who will understand you whatever the situation will be.

    • Yes I need a good friend that I can talk to. I just am a totally different person because of this. And I want out.

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    • My pleasure

    • Can i share whatsapp number here?

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