Cheating, or potential to cheat?

What are the signs to know if he is cheating..or that he would...give me anything and everything


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  • 1. He's often away without giving any hints where he could be.

    2. He has almost no time for you.

    3. He doesn't want sex.

    4. If you call him, his mobile is often turned off.

    5. He's acting weird when he is with you (guilty feelings?).

    6. He lies.

    7. He talks a lot about another girl he met.

    Well these are some sings. (I asked 3 girls your question and that's what I got from them)

    But I have to say, that the signs don't mean that he's cheating. They just mean you should worry a bit and maybe ask him.

    • Wel he is with me all the time an he doesn't do any of theses things but I still think he will cheat on me

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    • You mean that he almost f*cked his x?

      Well then there was the word ALMOST.

      At least he could hold his self back or something like that......

      I think you should really REALLY ask him what's going.

      (If I'm wrong pls write a link to your question)

    • Yea I think that's the right question its really long and we made up and he told me that he loved and the whole nine but when I brought it up again he refused to talk to me about it or answer any of my questions?? and said that I'm p*ssing him off

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  • well I think some of them would be obvivous like lets say

    - lots of interest in other girls on a say sexual level

    - always busy

    - geting texts or MSN messages from people you don't know or at odd times in the day

    - alwasys going to places where he would be meeting single girls


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  • if he's out and doesn't tex you back right away he's cheating..If he seems guilty about somthing and acts super nice.. usally you know its like a gut thing.

    • Wtf? I has to text back right away?? That sounds reaaaaaaally creepy. Then I'm always busy with f*cking other girls beacuse I don't hear my mobile and answer later....Oh yea and my girlfriend answers sometimes very late, so she's definetely cheating :-O


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    • Not really true. I'm often away, because I'm doing something with friends and when she wants to sleep she always sends me a message and sometimes I don't notice it and I'm answering 3-4 hours later at 3 or 4 a.m.

      My excuse is just that we were playing ps3 or something like that xD


      Also the other way around, only that her apology is that she was asleep already.


    • Ok. I understand that but, say your at a party and you don't Tex her back when she tex mess u?

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