Who do you listen to?

In relationships when your friends advice you,Do you listen to what your heart say or what your friends say "advice you "?

Why ? can you please explain it to me?

  • I listen to what my friends say
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  • I listen to what my heart say
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Most Helpful Girl

  • the worst thing you can do is listen to a friend's advice on relationships, when most of the time they don't know what the f*ck they're talking about lol.

    plus there's nothing more "tragic" than a bunch of girls trading wrong information about guys and vice versa lol...

    but seriously no one knows your "situation" better than you and your boyfriend, listening to the people that are on the outside looking in is generally a bad idea because:

    1. 90% of the time they are only getting one side of the story..

    2. like I said they are on the outside looking in, they'll never truly know what's really going on in a relationship they are not in...


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What Guys Said 3

  • i usually listen to what my friends say because I want an outside point of view on the situation but in the end I do what I think will be best for me.

  • For me I usually listen to what my friends say since I trust on them + I trust in my mind too.

  • Go with your heart.. friends can destroy relationships. They always think they know what's best for you, or tell you that you deserve better, or just cause general drama. Especially with groups of girls, if majority are single.. they will pull you away from a boyfriend. It's stupid. No one should determine your relationship but you. Sure take insight from people, hear them out.. but ultimately the decision is yours.

    • Ah yea group of girls destroy everything in your relationships.

      But what about the closest friend you have in life adviced you to ignore someone who ignored you.

      But your heart say go speak to him,

      who would you listen to?

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    • A closest friend knows what you like, knows what your best interests are. BUT, again, you are the controlling force in a relationship. My best friend is an attractive, but chubby guy and his girlfriends best friend talked her into trying to go look for someone better looking. He treated her like gold and is an awesome guy. So the friend chimed in on just looks, and it wrecked that relationship. Girls need to wake up and understand that good guys are so hard to find, if you have one- make it work

    • Hmm


What Girls Said 3

  • It really depends.

    If I asked for my friends opinion and they gave it to me, I'm more likely to listen to them.

    However, if my friends are constantly trying to me advice that I didn't even ask for, I'll probably just brush off the unwanted advice.

    In the end its your life and you have to make the decision you can live with.

    • Well ...

      I asked for their opinion about my situation.

      But I don't know who I should listen to,im really really lost.

  • i listen to many points of view because some time I can not see the whole picture and I need others input to make an more correct choice

  • Unfortunately, I ruined my past relationship listening to the advice of my friends rather than what I really wanted. I wish I had the chance to try again listening to my heart for the big issues (and the small issues come to think) but that doesn't look likely in the near future.


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