Found my BFF'S boyfriend on dating app?

My best friends boyfriend was on a dating app that I downloaded. I dont know if i should tell her. I dont want to ruin things if it's just a phase? She lives with him.

Would you want somebody to tell you?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should just message him on it and say your gonna tell her. That way if he responds you'll know he was on it and it's not just "an old account that's still up"

    • Don't think he would match me tho

    • Ahhh it's one of those, hmmmm can you go back and look at his profile again or only if he matches?

    • I already swiped left

What Girls Said 2

  • If it's your good friend how could you not tell her?

  • Yes, you should tell her. I can't believe you would ask this. Your loyalty is to her she's your friend not him

    • But if she finds out, he might kick her out?

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    • Not if he doesn't care about her. Which... seems like he doesn't

    • Tell your friend. wouldn't you want her to do the same

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