It's been so long since the last time we saw each other? Will she let me know?

I have a big crush on my best girl friend, two of my friends and my family and a number of people on this site thinks she likes me, but I dunno. We haven't hung out in a month, in June we were hanging out a fair amount when school ended, so I was glad the friendship survived not having school for interaction, but after I had to go on vacation things sort of ground to a halt. We still do things like play PS3 online and talk and text and stuff, but it's hard to make plans. She's been real busy since her dad got out of the hospital, making her college plans and stuff, but she's found time for a few of her other friends. I can't help but wonder if it's not just bad scheduling but she just doesn't want to hang out with me all that much. Her phone broke last week so we couldn't text, but after she texted me to say her texting is good again, I called her and asked if she was free at all this week (thinking a call was better for making plans like that), and she said "Maybe, I'll let you know, since I have my texting fixed." Do you think she'll let me know? I don't know, sometimes she follows through on the 'I'll let you know' but lately she hasn't been doing so. was this just something she said to get off the topic of hanging out? Or am I just feeling kind of weird since it's been so long since the last time we saw each other?


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  • You should follow up on her. Get her talking with you.


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