Why do happy couples break up when things get tough for a short period?

My ex boyfriend and i dated for a year, but it felt like he knew me better than anyone I had dated previously and I cared for him very deeply. It was the kind of thing where we are so happy and comfortable, that we didn’t worry that it would end. The only things we fought about was what to watch or where to eat. He had a few gigs that took him away for periods of time - but even the longest 1 month we were fine. He started a new job that was over working him to exhaustion - he would get so tired he wouldn't realize what day it was. We started arguing because of miscommunication during the days he was away. I figured it sucked but once the gig was over we would be fine. I had work problems too and I think we couldn't separate our work frustrations when we were together. He ended things 2 months before the gig was over and right before we had so many fun things together planned. It didn't make sense. It's been a month since he dumped me and it still doesn't make sense. Do I wait it out and hope he realizes he lost a great thing? He cried and told me he'd miss me as if this was just as hard for him. I just don't get it... and I'm heartbroken. Can someone really end a good thing because of temporary work stress?


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  • It sounds like the pressure got too much. Couples these days break up over the silliest of things these days, we should be like the old couples that have been together 50 years through thick and thin.

    • Very unfortunate.

    • Always hard to imagine that

  • I am sorry to hear that you are heartbroken. Wish I could make u laugh or do anything for u to bring smile on your face.

    • Thanks. Appreciate the words. I wish it was different too.

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  • If he is a musician probably groupies

    • The average musician doesn't get many groupies, I spent 14 years in bands and on the road and I had about 5 in that whole time and two of those ended up being relationships.

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    • He has the opportunity to meet more women. If it's meant to be it will. You deserve the best. Go have fun

    • I really don't think that's the reason. Everyone has opportunities to meet someone else all the time.

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