If I ignore him will he come back to me really?

My ex broke up with me two weeks ago. I lost my best friend and soulmate over really stupid problems. We had a really good relationship and always depended on each other. We only lived together for a month. I kept being jealous over someone who used to know him 3 years ago because she tried to add him online. So he got really upset and kept threatening to leave me after he took my phone without me knowing and saw I was just looking at her profile. staying in the house by myself alone cooking and cleaning for him when I had no car and job. I only got to work for one day and took 3 buses to get there. The day I went to consoling like he wanted was when he lied to me. He talked to that person when I kept hearing him text online thought I was crazy and asked who he talked to. He had the chance to say the truth, so he got mad and told my landlord that he wanted me out. It wasn't until I borrowed his phone that I looked at it and saw he was talking to that girl. He told her I was his ex girlfriend and that I was crazy. He said he did it because he was mad and it was what I told him never to do. Even though he said he doesn't talk to her anymore and that he still wants to be with me. it was my fault for acting too dependent on him and believing him saying he was going to marry me and never leave me. I also started most of the fights due to stress. Last time I saw him in person he looked so mad and didn't even look me in the eyes anymore.. without telling me and trying to do it illegally he was going to move one of his friends into the apartment. That hurt and made me feel replaced like he didn't care at all. Even though he kept telling me how he missed me still and loved me. If I really stop talking to him , will he realize his mistakes and come back? I don't want to be just friends with him. We were really close and this is the first person I've ever loved even though I've had a few exes. the point is we tried to live our dream too young and that ruined our relationship.


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  • Most likely not :( sorry

    • What if he kept telling me he would be with me again?

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