How do u move on with your life after a breakup?

I've gone out with friends and have made more plans to keep myself out and about. It really helps for the moment. When I'm alone I can't stop thinking of him. I check my phone a lot hoping he'll reach out to me but he doesn't. I miss him a lot. I keep telling myself, " I don't believe it's really over. He'll be back." But that sounds like denial to me 👀😏 ALSO, I'm experiencing a drought. If u know what I mean. Like, I'm thisclose to contacting this other guy just to hookup with him but that has never been my thing to move on with another guy that fast. So what can I do to get over him? 🤔


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  • Who dump who? Cause it all depends. In My case, my boyfriend left me for someone else. And i have been with him almost 3years. It won't be easy. Sad but true. I know it's hard but it's just time you need. Time is key of everything!! You need to delete his contact info and any social media if it makes you tempted to contact ur ex. (Note:Dont block him if you want to still hope for home to come) Yet, You still need to get space for yourself. I mean it! Don't go to rebound relationship if you are not ready. You will just hurt the other person. Unless you are ready to move on and date then go ahead. I recommend to do a fun activity that you would like to do and use that to distract yourself. Or do any other activity that you both wanted to do but couldnt and show him what he is missinh. For me, I am planning to take salsa dance lesson so release some of this emotions over the breakup. You need stay strong and when you are alone GO DO something!! You need to distract yourself with the new activity or go do some execerise or watch a movie or read a book!! Trust me!! I have been in your shoes doing nothing and thinking about your ex does not help you to move on. In any case, If you want or dont want to have hope that he will come back, either way you still need improve yourself physically and mentally to show yourself and him (if you like) the type of women he is missing out. Make him regret his mistake and show yourself how independent, strong and beautiful women you are.

    • I believe we answered each other question. We're both going through similar things and encouraging each other to stay strong. I love that. Anyways, he's the one that want to end things. I'm being honest when I say that if he wants me back, I'll take him back😐 I want to and I will get to the point where I won't even think about if he wants me back. I'll already move on with my life. Would u take urs back if he wanted u back?

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