Why do exes watch your snapchat stories?

I think there may be a theme here, then again maybe not... but the only people that watch all of my snaps as soon as they see them are either close friends or past exes.
Just curious as to your own experiences and thoughts on this, whether you've been the one watching the snaps if you missed your ex, or if you avoid watching your exes snaps etc?


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  • i watch celebs snap stories all the time.. are they my ex's? NO!

    • So you're basically saying you'd still watch them even if they've were your ex.

    • i mean, i wouldn't watch ex's stories.. but, i watch other peoples

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  • 1. They miss you
    2. They're nosey
    3. They like to observe your personality and silently gloat about having found someone better than you


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  • I don't keep ex's snapchat

    • Me neither, if I really liked them once it's over I prefer to cut ties.

    • Same here

  • They only do that if they aren't over it.


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