How to forget or even stop loving my ex boyfriend (27) who left me for someone else?

I am 24. We were together for 2 years and 8 months. He broke up with me 3 weeks ago saying he wasn't happy with me even though we were celebrating his bday and having some nice dates a week before our ridiculous fight we had which cause us to give us space for less than week. The day we meet up after the fight was the day he broke up with me. He said straight up that he didn't love me and is seeing someone else. The day of the breakup, I felt I couldn't say everything I wanted to tell him or even fight for our love from the shock. So i tried the next week after the break up to meet up and I give him a letter expressing that how we should give our love a second chance since I stupidly was thinking he was confused. We meet but it was pointless, since it didn't change his mind. I feel like he was hypocrite saying he love me a week before the fight then out of the blue he move on so easily with another girl. Right now I'm accepting we broke up but I am so mad that I fell for a guy who i thought was caring, sweet, trustworthy would dump me and post in social media he is with another girl after less than two days we met and I gave him my letter and speech about our love. FYI I only have Facebook not snapchat or instagram so I wasn't aware until my friend showed me that he was posting his loveydovey moments with her in instagram& snapchat. He never posted nothing facebook so I obvious feel so stupid not knowing this. Tbh, I feel like I was slap in my face. I have been listening from friends, family, and web how it might be a rebound relationship and such that he will come back and regret it; and that ill move on. I know that I have to value and love myself and so on. And believe me I am trying so hard to move on. I have trying to distract as much as much as I can and telling myself I can't cry for a man that right now is apparently so happy with her while I am heartbroken but there are moments I feel so sad he did this me after all the history we have.
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Yes i know i thinks it is just time I need. It sucks but I guess I have to deal with it. We were our first relationship together and I guess it hurt that we are both virgen and i was this close to give it to man that thought love me but just broke my heart. 😢Thank you for all advice and support. I was told from friends to be more social and use this breakup to be a better woman that he will regret.
How to forget or even stop loving my ex boyfriend (27) who left me for someone else?
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