The hallmarks of females are their youth?

If a man only seeks out a young lady for her age, then there's going to be problems

Everyone gets old, so if young woman reaches 30 will you bin her for a 20 year old? What if no 20 year olds females like you and find you unattractive when you are in your 40s to 50s? could be toothless then and balding.
I prefer ment own age or 5 years either way
It's good to be in same generation be able to share things like TV etc we watched when we were younger.. couldn't do that with someone younger, wouldn't they not make u feel ancient?
Men before you go on about male sperm please research sperm in older men and its quality, it gets boring when some people repeat the same thing.. your sperm isn't invincible it declines... aging catches up with you too!


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  • The thing is, a man's sperm and reproductive value is constant through his age. Meaning, he can have sex and impregnate at older ages compared to a woman in the same age bracket. The optimal years of fertility of women are in her 20s, whereas men don't feel pressured to procreate. Women have a biological clock, men don't, hence why you see more older men with younger women, than older women with younger men.

    • Wrong, it's been proven men's sperm quality declines as he gets older- look it up
      Some genetic illnesses coming from the male line is caused by older men's sperm

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    • If you get older and you chase after women half your age

      Never marry them if u want to keep ur cash

  • A woman possesses hallmarks her whole life. The hallmarks don't start looking about until they get older though.

  • if the 30 year old looks like you then I'd be happy with what I had 😘


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