Do you think he will cheat on me ?

OK so my boyfriend of a month and a half is going to go up to northern California for 3 months to be with his mom he left at 6 this morning(8/3) its a 7 hour drive and he didn't call when he got there like I asked but that's OK I understand its a long drive but he's been cheated on by his previous gfs and well I would never do that to him but I'm not sure if he would do that to me he knew I was really upset with him leaving and he was crying because he didn't want to leave me but our whole relationship seams too good to be true what do you think ?

thanks for all answers I just need help

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  • tears from eyes could be fake, but tears from heart always real. you have no idea with those tears he dropped from his eyes, but try to think positive, if you ready not to cheat on him that's one good thing you have there. be patient he might have reason for not calling you that time,

    • Yea because he called me the night before and said he was extreamly tired and didn't pack yet so I want mad he didn't call I knew he probably wouldn't and well the tears were over the phone so I couldn't really tell but when I was with him the day before he left his eyes were watering but not yet crying and I would never cheat thank you so much :)

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  • WTF! a month and a half! that's nothing. he does not owe you a phone call or anything, let the man breathe and be with his family. Stop being selfish, don't pressure him into things "like I asked him too" what kind of f***ed up command is that. Let him call you when he wants to, don't set regulations on him... "poll, how insecure are you"! god...

    • Well I didn't mean it like you have to call me I wanted him to call me so I made sure he was safe I wasn't trying to control him at all I just wanted to make sure he was safe that's the only time I've done that so yea sorry if it seams that way but I didn't mean it like that

What Girls Said 2

  • if you think he's gonna cheat on you then why are you in a relationship with him? the whole point of a relationship is trust. you don't have that. if you can't trust him, or you believe he is gonna cheat on you, seriously there's no point even being in a relationship.

    • I truly don't think he will but I want somone eles opinion because people have been calling me oblivios to everything going on so I wanted other people opinions

  • I don't know him well enough to know what kind of guy he is, but there is a good chance he will loose interest (I would, even if I were with you a lot longer than that). Hopefully he breaks it off before he cheats.

    • Yea I know what you mean thank you

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