I want to get over my ex but I miss him

so I said one thing about his home or his living place and I didn't mean to offend him and I did accidentally.

he got mad so mad that he cut ties with me when it took me a week to realize I dissed his place. I said sorry but then we got in a fight and since then he blocked me on facebook and I dropped him on msn. how do I get over him?

i love him a lot and I know I'm poor and can't do much as girlfriend but I'd do what I could to make him happy. why do relationships suck so much?


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  • First off, f*** people and facebook, MySpace etc. Who gives a f***. That sh*t is just drama awainting for relationshps. at this point, you're going to have to get in touch with your inner heart, understand what will mean the most and do it. Money or no money, there is always something one can do to touch the heart of another that involves nothing but inner most thought and feelings, good luck and get rid of facebook. Why do you need it, if you have email, then you have everything that facebook has.

    • He blocked me so what do you mean by inner heart and touching his heart? it seems like he's really p*ssed at me and I don't know what to do because ia lready said sorry for hurting him and I didn't mean to but he isn't answering texts I don't know what. it's been a week since I last talked to him

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  • I think it's the break ups that suck. I've been broken up with my ex for almost a year now. But we were 'friends' for months. We haven't talked for 3 months, and I miss him all the time. I don't know what it means or how to make it stop. My only answer for getting over him is time. And keeping busy. Cliche? Definitely. I always thought so too. But then I found out myself that it's really true. Time doesn't heal everything, but it makes it easier to forget. Find ways to keep other things on your mind that don't involve him. If he got so mad about one comment he was willing to cut ties with you for good, then I think that he used that as an excuse. People tend to put their problems on other people. He doesn't want to admit any fault in the relationship not working so he's using your one comment as an excuse for it not working. Make sure his number is out of your phone, block him on fb, or people that hang out with him a lot. Involve yourself in stuff you like to do. Meet new people. It takes time but it gets easier.


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