My ex girlfriend behaving jealous?

Met her at the gym. We didn't date for very long. But we did like each other a lot though. She broke it off about 4 months ago because she said she needed space and wanted to be friends. I didn't want to be friends so I just kept my space.

Right after the break up, she played a lot of games. Flirting with people in front of me, friendly and cold behavior, and always staring at me to name a few.

Now her behavior has been weird and absurd! She will stare at me whenever I would talk to a girl at the gym. It will be pretty obvious whenever she would stare at me. Other people have pointed out that she is constantly staring at me. They wonder why, and I would tell them that she is my ex. One of my friends caught my ex whispering to her girlfriend while staring at a girl that is laughing at something stupid I did.

One of the weirdest moments, she 'liked' one of my instagram post last week but this week, she didn't like it. Which was something I anticipated. In addition, several months ago, I got a group message on instagram which her friend sent to me which also included my ex in it. Found it bizarre as I never talk to her friend

give me your thoughts?


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  • Sounds like she may be having second thoughts about breaking things off with you. If her friends know, they may just be trying to spark the flame again, poking their nose in how friends do. If you’re interested in trying things with her again, then go along with it until she has the balls to reveal her intentions. If you don’t, then decline things, make it clear that you are no longer interested.

    • What do you mean by "then go along with it until she has the balls to reveal her intentions"? like keep ignoring her?

    • Well, with the friend adding you to the group chat and such, it sounds like she’s trying to help out this girl who likes you. So I mean go along with that aspect of it lol

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  • Look, if someone's giving you attention, process it.
    If this is someone who dumped you, made you feel like shit, feel proud about the attention she's giving because clearly she wants to know what you're doing.
    But here's the deal the man, don't let it get to you, the fact that you are noticing all of this, trust me you're better off knowing it.
    The reason she's doing it, I think until she says something we can't be sure but do not at any cost type something to her.
    And yes it is highly childish behavior.


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  • Personally I would ask her what is going on. Casual though, coffee, drink, something along those lines. Be civil, friendly, and tell her how you feel too. Good, bad, hurt whatever you are feeling. I wouldn't pretend to know what her intentions, or motive is for this behaviour. It seems childish to me.

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