Should I give up on getting together?

After we broke up three weeks later, I saw him on tinder and I felt I miss him and still love him, what should I do?


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  • Well if he's looking for other people and hasn't found one yet, start an easy conversation in which you ask him later on if he misses you too. If he doesn't respond, well you should start looking for other people

    • Will he forget about me if he found another?
      I was applying no contact on him

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    • I just really hope in the future he might get back
      I did a lot for him and beard him a lot and he was never gopd

    • I thought I was over him till I saw him today on tinder

  • He's on tinder for a reason. If he didn't swipe right on you, there is your sign. Just let him go

    • I swiped left on him

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    • I would say in summer around june- August do you can catch a sunny relatively good weather instead of snowing or raining

    • Alright very cool. Will probably after my contract is done around March or so

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  • he's moved on. you should too

    • Already? After only 3 weeks?

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    • Hope the same happens to me and I feel the same about it at that point
      But I guess he will just be with bitches and forget me

    • how about if you do you and forget him? trust me you'll get there :) be strong

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