Angry ex threatening to take my baby away. Is he intentionally trying to hurt me?

We broke up early into my pregnancy, at about 8 weeks. Since then, I have had issues that I have had to go to the ER for [sudden bleeding, severe abdominal cramps, etc] and I have tried asking him to be there with me. He would refuse to show up, and even respond blatantly with "I don't care" when I kept pleading him and was fearful of what could happen. He only made an effort to show up to one ultrasound, the one where we found out it was a girl. Off and on through the breakup, he has threatened to 'get a lawyer and gain full custody of his kid' to me. I recently got tired of the off/on relationship we have been trying to reconcile throughout this time, as he always gets loving and affectionate at first but then gets cold and stonewalls me for well past a week out of nowhere. It's been over two weeks since I have completely cut contact with him, and he keeps sending me the same threat every week. There was a weird point before this where he tried to send me a steam game as a gift and I ignored it, but then he started the threats again. From past arguments, he claims he can take the baby away from me because I was severely depressed during my pregnancy and begged him back at one point to the degree of 'being crazy'. I had to go to the ER last week for severe contractions at week 28 and he still didn't seem concerned enough to show up. He's still pushing me to 'come up with a date together for the paternity test' while I continue to ignore him. Is he intentionally doing all this to try to hurt me/punish me/get me to react to him?


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  • He is trying to do all three. I would just keep ignoring him. His threats are empty. As someone with full custody of their daughter it is SO tough to take a child away from its mother even when they are shitty parents. All he has is his word and you got yours. Its all hearsay and if he is smart he knows that and hoping you don't. Also you can paternity test done apart. You all don't have to go at the same time, that is a ploy just so he can see you. Good riddance to him.


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