So me and my ex are apart and she is having no issues with moving on while I am struggling, any suggestions for a Canadian in Alberta?

My self value has crippled since being with this person, and I struggle with finding the motivation to move on anymore. I feel unattractive, unhappy with life, and miserable with my existence.


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  • Find a therapist. It's covered by Alberta Health.

    • I'm in alberta for school, but my credentials are from the NWT

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    • My classes don't start until Monday thanks to the uni adopting a 3 week 11 week class grouping

    • You can still access services as you are still enrolled.

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  • In general women move on much faster than men after a break up. So don't worry about that.

    The way you are feeling is completely normal and just takes some time overcome. Do some stuff you enjoy, socialize, and also take some alone time to process your emotions.

  • I suggest going out more and finding a hobby


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