So I've broken up with my ex, but she's behaving strangely now? Ladies please give your insights?

We met online, about a year ago, after I moved to India from Dubai, UAE. We texted and talked over the phone and developed a great friendship, which then evolved into a LDR. We would talk everyday, we learned about each other a lot during this time. I discovered her unfortunate history of mental illness and parental abuse and provided her comfort about it. I would remind her to take her meds every night. Obviously, we've sexted as well.

During the last year we've had 3 major arguments / fights. While we were able to resolve the first two fights by talking through it. The subject of the last fight didn't quite sit well with me. She works at an NGO, technically a social worker and has a set of values that I admire, but don't share entirely. This fight started because I was describing a friend's lavish apartment to her and all the amenities her property offered. It was just conversation. Yet, she impulsively blew her lid about how people waste their money on frivolities, instead of using it to help the people in need. Now I've been known to give alms to the poor on occasion, but I do enjoy my luxuries, and am accustomed to a particular lifestyle, that I hope to return to soon. I considered ending the relationship right then, but not wanting to make a hasty decision, decided to give it some time. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that we were incompatible. She ended up visiting my city for a job interview and we met and hooked up then. But I wasn't able to feel anything romantically for her.

Few weeks later, she landed the job and moved to my city. I ended up breaking up with her on her first day on the job. While I could've handled the situation better, I just couldn't stand to lie to her and it had to be done. Now she's trying to get back together with me, asking me to try and give it another shot or be friends with benefits, but with exclusivity.


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  • Leave her in the past and move on


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