Is my boyfriend cheating on me even though we're in love?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now and we are in love for sure. Our first hiccup came when a known "whore" tried to break us up by lying about him cheating. I had never seen him so mad at anyone before, and ready to cry because he didn't want me to believe her. We got over it. Months later... now, he's been obnoxious lately. He always brags about his appearance (he is VERY attractive), he's vain. He doesn't compliment me anymore and hey, I'm a prof. Cheerleader, I have it going on at all times. He won't text me all day unless I text first and it takes him forever to answer now. He'll readily text me for "special attention" at night. Sometimes he says goodnight, but I can see that he's on facebook. Sometimes he'll text me hours later & when I ask why he's still up he always "couldn't sleep" as if I wasn't awake those hours. Now he tells me about some girl who Cheers for another team who mysteriously got his number & tells him that he's sexy.. etc. & tonight he sends me a text that says "lol you got" mind you, "g" is close to "h" on his phone's QWERTY keyboard. It had nothing to do with our convo. When I asked what he meant, he stopped texting me altogether for the night. There are other guys I could be getting to know if he's wasting my time cheating on me. I love him, but is he cheating?


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  • girl, what are you still doing with this douche? he is obviously cheating on you many times over... you should have listened to that "whore" from the start because she got nothing to lose for lying and obviously your douche boyfriend has a lot of girls on the side. not just you. who knows how many other girlfriends he has besides you. I'm sorry but he doesn't love you at all. if he does, he will respect you and make you a priority not just an option. good luck

  • Whether he's cheating or not, he's not really showing you any respect. Only he can tell you for sure whether he has been cheating but telling about this girl shows a complete disregard for your feelings. He's being selfish.

    There's also a chance that this other girl isn't real and he's just trying to make you jealous. It sounds pathetic but it happens. You need to talk to him about what's going on, in person. If he can't be honest with you get rid of him, he's not worth the effort

    • Thanks, I think that's the best advice I've gotten lately from anyone I've explained it to

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