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What does it mean if youve thought about someone every day since youve met, but struggled to say i love you because something about it felt forced? Like it was wrong, made you feel guilty to say it to them but you still would want to be with them? (Talking about an ex by the way. we broke up bc i had trouble feeling the mutual love and i was dishonest about it. we werent hanging out much during the relationship for awhile and he said he didn't wanna wait forever for me to love him, that he's busy and going through a lot in his life to date anyone rn anyways. which is tru he is going through a lot and i definitely feel that I've made it worse 😔) Im confused. Sometimes i feel i must love the guy if i think about him all the damn time, but i dont want to mess with his head again or get rejected so i haven't said anything. Plus what if i just miss him? Ok im done lol


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  • It means the feelings are there, but you are just not ready to fall in love yet, and that's ok.


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