Ex calling and disappearing, what does this mean? What should I do to get him back?

me and my ex had a 18 months relationship and i was going super perfect. During these 18 months we broke up twice for exactly 3 weeks each. A month ago out of the blue he disappeared and didn't reply on my calls for a week so i texted him to end things as i dont think he loves me anymore, he replied with a text saying that is a good idea and better for both of us. After that i called him crying because he easily let me go so hw told me lets keep it between us till we calm down and talk. A week later he texted me asking about me and telling me about his friends and family. Later i found out that he told all of iur friends that we are different and the breakup was the best solution. He started texting me daily then he called me twice till i opened the breakup story in the call, when he disappeared and never picked up any of my calls. I waited for a week and called again, he picked up but didn't want to see me and he wanted to end the call. Does this mean anything?


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  • he knows that you still care about him... so he wants to use your feelings as a backup plan when he needs to.
    you chose to end that relationship because you don't feel safe anymore... be responsible for your decision as mature and give yourself space to not make the same mistake again.

  • He hate the processing every day.


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