So where did I go wrong?

well this is my 3rd time i get dumped for the same anwser "you're a great person but i dont see us together enymore" and a week or so after they are with a diferent guy i dont really understand...

sure i'm not the greatest looking guy but i am dicente looking im not the smartest but i still have my strong and week spots i am a web/game developer but i dont spend 24/7 in front of my pc coding if i am in a relationship i devote my time on that but i normally put important stuff first than other stuff for example, work comes first than enything else even if im in a relationship but the relationship comes first on my spare time like weekends or so, im not that rich too im well payed but i save up most of it because i have big dreams and i do the possible to make her happy take to a movie now and then i normally do new stuff i dont repeat it and i always try to be creative and romantice, i always apoligise if i do something wrong because sure no relationship is perfect, idont do drugs or stuff like that only smoke so i dont really get what i do wrong :/ there's more to me than just that i just resumed it but im not violante i actually perfer staying away from a fight but if time is in need ill do it normaly on self defence or a friend in need... but enyways if you have a clue or a opiniao or just questions please replay.
So where did I go wrong?
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