Will you guys fall in love with the same girl again and again even after she's broke ur heart?


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  • No matter what if you were truly in love with someone there's always going to be apart of you that will always have love for them. That's why you are so many girls take guys back after they beat her or men take women back after they cheat. As humans we don't want to feel pain or anguish. Why do you think so many people as adults block out and forget some of the traumatic things they went through? So of course we're always going to remember the good thing exspecially about the person we were immensely in love with. For me at least will I always have love for that person, yeah they were a portion of my life I will never forget, but will I fall back in love, no, because I just happen to know my worth and love myself a lot more then whoever I was in love with did.


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  • Yes, love sucks :/

    • i know right? :/ but should we just look forward and move on? or keep pursue him/her for one more time?

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    • but thanks for your advice ❤ it means a lot

    • No problem! Good luck ❤️

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