Should I leave or should I stay?

I have known him since I was 14, I am now 22. We have been together for 3 years with a 6 month break up which happened this year from march to August. I left him, I couldn't deal with his insensitivity and horribly rude demeanour when he spoke to me. Since June he had been begging me to get back together with him, he said he missed his family and things would change.. i decided after a couple months I would give him another chance. He has since moved into the apartment I had been renting. Living together again I realize how lazy and rude he is. We have a 2y/o & she is quite the handful but when he is with her he never picks up after her or encourages her to clean up her messes. I am in school full time and I work part time, I am rarely at home but if I don't do anything, nothing gets done.. I have brought this up to him and still nothing has changed. Dishes don't get washed, the carpet doesn't get vacuumed, laundry doesn't get done, food doesn't get cooked etc, unless I do it. Now, moving on to his attitude.. he has a horrible ego. He is always putting his ego and the need to prove a point in front of my feelings.. I plan dates for us, I have to ask him to do things like buy me flowers.. in the 3 years we were together not once did he buy me flowers without me asking.. the best thing I got from him on Mother's Day was a card. When we were broken up he bought flowers for another girl.. that hurt more than anything because all I ever do is love him.. and he wouldn't do it for me but effortlessly did it for some other girl that he wasn't even dating.. He will say things like "if you don't ask I would do it". that makes no sense.. and I had went along with that.. not asking and still after a year nothing. I can't even talk to him.. simple questions like "what time are you coming home" turn into arguments. I don't feel like I'm in a relationship.. I feel like I'm someone's little bitch. I get zero respect.. I love him but I feel like I made a mistake coming back to him.
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  • He's a dude.. And he will go through phases of his masculinity
    Just in the way which girls adjust to puberty... guys tend to take a while for maturity
    The answer is... If you like him enough to commit till he's matured that's like around 30 .
    Or if you prefer another who is maturing via dissimilar pathways...


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  • Leave


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  • Tell him to pick up his act, he needs to grow up and take responsibility since you have a child.

  • 38% stay? y'all trippin. get out of there now girl


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