Difference between unrequited love for someone that rejected you and a very bruised ego?

Have you ever been particularly hurt about/ struggled to get over a particular breakup, with someone who may not have been for example, your most attractive, or kind, or intelligent partner, or even the one you had the greatest connection with; all because they were the one to hurt your ego the most? And this hurt ego came from the breakup being on their terms, perhaps they found someone else or were generally nonchalant towards you in the end and that rejection hurt more than losing other ex's who have actually been 'better'? So that 'hurt' isn't unrequited love for that person but the hole they left in your ego when they so easily hurt you/left you?


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  • I cried for you today as I prayed. I've the deepest pity, for you. I think you owe yourself some peace. Set yourself free.

    • Thank you, who are you? How do you?:(

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    • I am just me. And for each it is different. We have find what bothers us most and try to forgive it. Even if the pain that is placed there, is a result of another's actions. Forgiveness is crucial for self growth.

    • I'm not sure how tbh.

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