Guys, hard to move on?

so what to say. Well I guess there's not much to say but here goes.

I had a relationship friendship with this guy in the past. unfortunately I made some terrible mistakes and the relationship broke apart.

i then ended up having a breakdown, and things escalated. I ended up messaging him and telling him that i loved him by accident.

fast forward I texted him a couple of times saying sorry about that and asking how he was. he never replied until recently where he sent me what seemed like an angry text. anyway I asked if he still wants to be contacts and surprisingly he said okay. however he's still ignoring my messages and its just getting me down.

I just don't know what to do. its so hard to move on as there's no one else insight for me. I don't have any male friends or potentials in my life. my social circle is really small.

im not sure what exactly I'm looking for, just some advice on how to move on or find someone else, as its really dragging me down. i've tried dating sites but they just depress me.


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  • You sound like you are still very raw from this,... you need to shift gears and not look to date right now. That will come in time...
    Time heals all, you may not completely forget,... but you need to take time and focus on self improvement, take up a hobby, focus on work, or go to the gym. You really want to be at the place again where you are okay being single.

  • It'll take a while to move on from something like this :3 but you should try occupying yourself and thinking about other things

  • Good luck!


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