I want to move on with a new guy but my ex is still in my head?

So my ex and me split a while ago now but he still likes me.
I found someone else who likes me and we're dating, but I still feel sad when I think about my ex. All the memories and knowing he's still there if I wanted to go back.
I can't go back for certain reasons. Any ideas how to move on and forget him?


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  • Man, this is difficult and without knowing why you can't go back it makes it a hard one to answer.

    So focus on the basics. You left your ex for a reason and you don't need a rerun. That's not fun for anyone.

    You need to let go of the 'safety net' you think you have in him still liking you. It's a mental trap, it also leaves him hanging on when its over.

    You may start comparing your new guy with the old unconciously and if the new boyfriend upsets you your first thought might be running away back to your ex. So you have to let the net go or you won't be able to forget about him. Which will turn your new relationship sour very quick. :/

    Regardless of what we say here it'll be up to you to move on.

    It's hard but again focus on the basics. Why do you like this new guy? What does he bring into your life? Is he good for you? Do you see a successful future?

    At your age your whole life is ahead of you, have fun but don't neglect yourself or your education. Because it's up to you to take care of You. Hope it helps.


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  • Time is the only answer. Think about why you split and think of That. Other thing is just go ahead with the new guy and hopefully it will pass

  • You can move on. 😊

  • You shouldn't date if you're still holding onto your ex. Most of the time your new partner will get hurt


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