I miss my ex boyfriend and don't know what to do?

I met this guy April 2016 we went on a date and hit it off immediately. The timing was not the greatest as I was getting surgery and was going to be laid up for a while but he still messaged me and called me and we talked everyday. Once I could finally go out again we did. About a month after we met we made it official (May 2016). We dated, went out and On paper we were perfect for eachother. September 2016 he moved 1.5 hours away to complete his last year of post secondary education (I was in my last year in our hometown). So we embarked on a Long Distance Relationship at first we texted and called but that slowly dwindled. He came home at Halloween and I only knew because I saw his sister had posted photos. I was convinced that when he came home at Christmas things would be over but he apologized and we discussed our relationship. Jan/Feb he was better then come march ZERO CONTACT. NOT replying to my texts, calls, snapchats, Facebook messages. * Note: I was giving him space only messaging every few days*. He came home at Easter once again only knew from photos posted online. Then the end of April 2017 (a year after we met) he ended things VIA text message saying we don't have a connection, we should see other people. I tried to call him but he wasn't having it so our year relationship ended in 4 texts.
It has been 5 months now. He deleted me off Facebook but I still have his number. I haven't reached out / he hasn't reached out. He recently moved back to our home town and we now once again live 5 minutes away from eachother. He has been active on Tinder (my friends have seen him) meaning he's single. I really miss him and I want a second chance with him. But I also don't know if it's okay to reach out or how to reach out. I've been secretly hoping I'd run into him around but I know the longer I wait he might end up seeing someone else. As the time goes on that's more time for him to forget about me. I feel like shit.. I really love the man.
I miss my ex boyfriend and don't know what to do?
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