Read this chat and tell me what you think?

He: Morning
You still don't text me
I miss you
She: sure
He: What's wrong with you?

A lot later:
He: Looks like I don't exist to you
Do you even still care about me?
I feel worse from day to day
I have trouble breathing
I have no energy
I can't eat
And then my own girlfriend ignores me
I feel horrible
And you're not here for me
Thank you.
She: I could've been here for you. You just could have said something
He: You could have said something?
She: There wasn't anything important to say and by the way you would have ignored it anyway
He: Why do I always need to be the first to text?
She: Why do I always need to be the last one?
Then reply at least
He: I always reply
She: Haha sure
Then I text you and whoop you're gone
Nice conversation...
I realized I'm not important enough to you
He: You are important to me!
She: Maybe you really aren't good for me
My friend might be right
He: What?
She: What I said
He: You are important to me
You don't know how much I tried
I can't be here for you 24/7
But I always reply!
She: You don't even try
You have no time for me
Not even a tiny little bit
Sometimes maybe 1 message
I reply
But then you don't
He: aha...
She: That's it
He: So only one message
When I look at our conversation of today I see the complete opposite
She: Only when you feel bad... but when I feel bad nobody is here.
You only become this active when you feel bad
He: Because I am sick home all day?
She: So is that?
He: Then I text
She: I know you have a lot of time
He: And then you don't text me. You're mean!
She: You just don't want to talk to me
He: Why do you think so?
She: I always worry about you when you don't text me for such a long time
Why do I even still reply?
You think you have me anytime maybe that's why
I can't do it anymore
He: You're right
I thought I have you forever
And I would never lose you. I was so wrong. I understand you
She: I want to break up with you
He: You mean it?
She: yes
He: Ok... Thanks for the time. May another one be this happy


Read this chat and tell me what you think?
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