Read this chat and tell me what you think?

He: Morning
You still don't text me
I miss you
She: sure
He: What's wrong with you?

A lot later:
He: Looks like I don't exist to you
Do you even still care about me?
I feel worse from day to day
I have trouble breathing
I have no energy
I can't eat
And then my own girlfriend ignores me
I feel horrible
And you're not here for me
Thank you.
She: I could've been here for you. You just could have said something
He: You could have said something?
She: There wasn't anything important to say and by the way you would have ignored it anyway
He: Why do I always need to be the first to text?
She: Why do I always need to be the last one?
Then reply at least
He: I always reply
She: Haha sure
Then I text you and whoop you're gone
Nice conversation...
I realized I'm not important enough to you
He: You are important to me!
She: Maybe you really aren't good for me
My friend might be right
He: What?
She: What I said
He: You are important to me
You don't know how much I tried
I can't be here for you 24/7
But I always reply!
She: You don't even try
You have no time for me
Not even a tiny little bit
Sometimes maybe 1 message
I reply
But then you don't
He: aha...
She: That's it
He: So only one message
When I look at our conversation of today I see the complete opposite
She: Only when you feel bad... but when I feel bad nobody is here.
You only become this active when you feel bad
He: Because I am sick home all day?
She: So is that?
He: Then I text
She: I know you have a lot of time
He: And then you don't text me. You're mean!
She: You just don't want to talk to me
He: Why do you think so?
She: I always worry about you when you don't text me for such a long time
Why do I even still reply?
You think you have me anytime maybe that's why
I can't do it anymore
He: You're right
I thought I have you forever
And I would never lose you. I was so wrong. I understand you
She: I want to break up with you
He: You mean it?
She: yes
He: Ok... Thanks for the time. May another one be this happy



Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like two young people that are "as usual" uninformed/ untrained in effective conflict management.
    I can see really a lot of comments where both of you were not empathically listening, not clearly expressing and differentiating perception and judgement or confusing judgement with feelings, not taking responsibility for oneself, or expect the other to take care of ones wellbeing etc. etc...
    There is a lot to learn when these two want to reduce their conflicts in the future!
    I advice that they dont wait till they learn it in school - cause they will never learn how to manage conflicts effectively there. You can tell them that when they want significantly less conflicts (and this one sounds very easy to solve - there are really harder ones!) they shall make trainings & read books about "nonviolent communication" founded from rosenberg
    All the best


Most Helpful Girl

  • you're being kind of cold?
    except if you want to shake him off then you're doing a good job.


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  • To be honest you both sound incredibly immature without context


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