Girls, Girl I was going to ask out is now acting strangely?

Ok so some girl started at new store I shop at and I know a lot that work there as they always hire students. So I mention to a friend and asked who the new hot girl is because we would always smile n say hi but never speak. N she didn't know as of yet so I said Joni g around that I'll ask myself wen next in n might ask her out. So I went in two weeks later m seen her smiling a lot so to avoid I went to self checkout cz I was busy. So after few week I started going to her checkout and she started making jokes etc n saying she's going on n night out in hopes o would tag along. So I said have a good night out etc. N few times I noticed she would always stare at me n tell me her whole plans. So then I sill didn't go to her checkout for a few months n she started glaring at me trying to figure me out , staring to see we're I am and looking sad if I avoided her checkout. So for months of this everyone work hours changed n I didn't see her for months n now she got with a guy n I ssee her again , she always looking sad, embarrassed and avoids looking at me? And her gay friend always looks at me. So why wen single she doing all above mentioned n look sad wen I don't go to speak with her n avoid her. To now doing that she has a boyfriend so what's the deal? just z she has a boyfriend now don't mean she has to act that way? And why did she always stare at me with sad face etc if I avoid her? Not really looking for exact answer just help on the matter , thank you for reading :) and I know I shouldn't act on it I just wondering why as it's painfully obvious when around? N I don't even speak or look?


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  • She doesn't want to be asked out


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