Can I get your opinion on me and my girlfriend chat history? Do I suck at relationship?

17:59 Her: Where can I find these shoes?
00:34 I think I saw some identical at X
00:35 Sorry to reply so late, just got home from work
00:35 Good night my love❤
00:36. (Sent her a pic of a sneaker i thought she might like)
5:56 her: Yeah I like them
7:06 me: wanna go to shopping for them this week? 😅
7:26 her: Yeah but after my pay date 😂
7:48 me: haha cool, do you work today?
17:29 her: yeah 😂😛
17:39 me: okay good luck 😎
17:40 her: im already home duh
17:41 me: i know hehe 😛
17:42 me: so that's what u call working?
(Replied to her whatsapp status where she took selfies of her and her friends goofing around at work)
17:44 her: that's what you call worry about your own shit? 🖕
17:48 me: i prefer your shits 😍😍 they r more interesting than mine
18:00 her: i know but well..
18:09 me: your nostril are sexy by the way (pic) 😛
18:24 her: worry about your own
18'47 me: when r u free next week?
18:59 her: Sunday
18:56 me : wanna go to the seaside? Its been a while
18:57 her: true but well..
18:58 me: are you interested?
18:59 her: maybe
19:03 me: okay.. Hey im going for dinner.. Bon apetit (at this point i was mad af with the short answers)
19:06 her: bye
19:10 me: 😶
19:10 her: 🤓🤓
19:11 me: can we talk after i ate?
19:11 her:yeah
(I called her, she sounded annoyed.. I asked her if she wanna hang out tomorrow she said no then calls cut)
20:14 her: sorry mum called
20:15 me: its ok what was she saying?
20:18 her: we were talking about my birthday
20:20 me: youve decided what u want to do for ur party?
20:21 her: im not doing any party, what are u talking abt?
20:24 me: you told me that u wanted to have fun with ur friends for ur 20th birthday (basically she told me that she wanted to go at a nightsclub)
20:24 her: yeah and?
20:29 me: and then u said that u didn't know what u wanted to do.. That's why im asking.
20:31 her: hmmm
20:37 me: hmmm
20:37 her: 🙄
20:43 me: can i ask u something?
20:44 her: what?
20:48 me: honestly, im i clingy?

(silence since)


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you creeped her out with "18:09 me: your nostril are sexy by the way", but otherwise I think she's just not interested from the way she responds to you. I'd toss this fish back into the sea, going only by what I know from these texts.

    • We have been together for 4mo and we recently nearly broke up. She then told me that i meant a lot to her and we came very far. But then she acts like she doesn't wanna chat or even talk. How do i end it smoothly?

    • I would suggest just letting her know that you care about her but, you feel like things aren't going to work out. No need to get into specifics, like she may not be putting as much effort into things as you, that would only complicate things.

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