Should I try no contact again?

My boyfriend (22) and I (20) broke up last month after dating on and off for more than a year. We didn't actually fight or anything--- it was just that we both were about to start going to different schools and I tried to text him and my messages weren't delivering (I'm assuming he blocked my number even though I don't recall doing anything to upset him.) I tried to break no contact but he's still not responding or trying to reach out. Should I start no contact all over again and try to move on? Or do you think that there's still a chance he might try to reach out to me in the future. He was my first love too, and I tried to talk to other guys but it's just not working out. Any advice?


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  • I did no contact with my first love and not only she never contacted me back ever again, but it was my worst experience in life.

    It's not about if to contact or not, but about loving the other person in a way they feel free.

    • Wow thank you, that gave me a new perspective. The thing is; I think he's ignoring me because he just started a new school and he wants to focus on his education and career. I really want to be with him, but I know that it would be selfish of me to get in the way of his goals. I'm just sad that I can't be a part of all of this I guess.

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    • I know this sounds so bad, but I felt things going downhill towards the end of our relationship anyways... I guess I'm just a bit hurt that he didn't talk to me about it, or even if he wasn't interested anymore then to at least tell me and end things properly instead of ghosting me?

    • He didn't had the courage, that's all.

      How many good relationships you know of where one person isn't interested in the other?

      If the other person doesn't like you, everything is hard. If they like you, everything is easy.

      So all it's about finding a person that you like, and likes you back as you are.

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  • It sounds like he ghosted you. I think you deserve some type of closure.

    • I think so too and I'm still trying to grasp it all because I never saw this coming. I want closure, I just don't know how I can get it?

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    • Okay, I will try that! Thank you <3 :)

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