Been a week since we've broken up... Any advice?

Hi fellas,

So it's been about a week since the breakup of me and my ex-gf. She's moving about 4 hours away to get closer to her mother (which wasn't there when she was young) and because she can't stand me using cannabis.

She's had an anxiety attack that almost got into a psychosis when she once used with me and since that day she can't stand being with a user. She tried many times to change me into becoming a non-smoker but there's nothing to be done on that part, I am who I am in this current moment so we aren't compatible after 1 year and 3 months.

I am asking many questions from this breakup, I learned a ton of stuff from our past relationship and it ended on good terms.

Thing is that we're still having sex and I have to make a choice, should I keep sleeping with her or shouldn't I? I am very emotional, it is amazing on the moment but afterwards it makes me a bit sad.

I know we're done for good even if we still love each other, the fact that she's moving so far might help us get through this too; but should I rather not have sex with her when she's near?
Been a week since we've broken up... Any advice?
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