Shoupd I text my ex?

Well it's a long story i used to talk with my ex a lot, and last year we'd talk for a while and then there would be a fight (like when i try to mention that i still have feeling for her or thr way she's acting) anyways, it's been like 3 months since we talked and now we're bsck to school and shit, i thought maybe i'd ask her how she's doing etc... Not necesarrily s long talk but rather a small one to avoid any awkward moments and such...
And before anyone says that i should forget about her, honestly i tried but i just can't, and lately she's on my mind more than i like to admit, and frankly last time we talked it was my fault since i sent her a message which you can't really reply on so i guess i owe her an apology? I don't know...
Text her.
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Shoupd I text my ex?
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