Shoupd I text my ex?

Well it's a long story i used to talk with my ex a lot, and last year we'd talk for a while and then there would be a fight (like when i try to mention that i still have feeling for her or thr way she's acting) anyways, it's been like 3 months since we talked and now we're bsck to school and shit, i thought maybe i'd ask her how she's doing etc... Not necesarrily s long talk but rather a small one to avoid any awkward moments and such...
And before anyone says that i should forget about her, honestly i tried but i just can't, and lately she's on my mind more than i like to admit, and frankly last time we talked it was my fault since i sent her a message which you can't really reply on so i guess i owe her an apology? I don't know...
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  • I understand you are thinking of her lots. This is tough to avoid. I would suggest you carry on with making yourself more of a badass than you already are. Flirt with other girls, get their numbers, and improve yourself at hobbies, in school, with friends etc... This will help you take your mind off of her, and if she notices that you are carrying on with life and could care less about her involvement in it; she is more likely to find that attractive. I say this because you still have feelings for her. If you simply wanted her to be a friend, sure text her. But if want more than that, well find it elsewhere. Focus on making yourself awesome, building experiences, and generating confidence as you get older. Such attributes will attract women to you in the long run. And maybe one of those women will be her. But by then you will likely have found someone who reciprocates your feelings. Good Luck


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