On and off complicated relationship long distance?

Okay so this guy we will call him roger. We met 2014 and we fell in love however the only this was that he lived in Illinois and I lived In Texas. Our relationship was very much an up and down type of thing especially because he was quite the ladies man. But I always knew that he truly loved me. In 2016 we got the opportunity to meet in person. But when we did it was not at all what I was expecting. I was quiet, nervous. After we met we did not keep in contact for two months until I messaged him and we started talking. From then until now a lot has happened. He found someone else where he lives. We talk now as friends because I’m the only person he trust enough to talk about his problems. Which I’m all for being there for anyone who needs it. But at the same time it’s hurting me because his problem is that he’s having problems with the girl. He said that she’s the reason why he feels depressed but at the same time the person that keeps him sane. I’m not gonna lie I very much still have feelings for him but he doesn’t for me because of the girl. My decision was to keep trying to try to get him to realize that I’m the one he’s supposed to be with even tough we are far away. We fell in Love the first time I could see it happening again. He told me that he was almost going to be a dad but they ended up having an abortion. I’m sure it’s the girl he’s having problems with now. So my question is do y’all think I still have a chance? At all? Do I bother trying?


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  • End it!


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