Opinions Needed: Is there a chance of a relationship with my ex - or not?

In November of 2011, I began seeing my first ever boyfriend. He broke up with me in May 2012. No big reason was given other than him believing we'd be better off as friends.

Now I'm 25. I got myself & my life together - while also having had plenty of dating experience (which I didn't have back then). A year or so after he broke up with me, he sends me messages on FB telling me how he has thought about me, knows he broke my heart, and wants to be friends. This was probably all just leftover guilt of his, considering he knew very well how hard I took the breakup. For the next two years (this was 2015 into 2016) I would get messages from him exactly every six months to check up and see how I was doing. He also told me how happy he was to be currently seeing someone who seemed to have been serious, even though there was never one post about it on his wall and his relationship status was always kept as "single". I decided to block him because I was so confused as to why he still contacts me if he has no intentions of at least seeing me to hang out one day, and now a year later - I decide to unblock him since after recently unsuccessful dates, I wonder if we met up now when I'm (at least) older, wiser, and more experienced... who knows what could happen between us! There must be something he's feeling about me, if after all this time he continues keeping in contact with me. Even though I messaged him and he replied how we' ll talk more once he's not so busy - he still has yet to accept my friend request. And if it was because he wouldn't want me interfering with his current relationship (which I wouldn't) and felt that strongly about whoever he was seeing and was truly committed to her... why does the rest of the world think he's still single?

Do you believe he is lying about this girl to see how I react to it, or is he just confused about his feelings for me & afraid of commitment? Could he possibly feel something for me after all this time?


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  • So long ago, could happen being that you're both older and mature


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  • if he hasn't accepted your friend request then he might not be lying about seeing that new girl.

    • ... but then why do you think his relationship status is still "single" - even for the past year he's told me he's been with her, the status is still the same & there's no posts or pictures about it anywhere on his wall. When he was with me, I was everywhere on his wall & he had put "in a relationship" for everyone to see. I also look at friends & family's facebooks, and although they aren't my friends, I see nothing indicating something serious as an engagement or wedding taken place. Otherwise it would definitely be on his mom's FB - that's how they are.

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    • That's exactly what I am doing. The only one with the true answers are him, but I'll have to wait & see if I'll ever be able to get them. The ball's in his court now.

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