My exgf slept with another guy after 3 years of being together?

She was the perfect girl. She was committed, loved me with all her heart, and would share her dreams and ambitions with me, we were best friends. But recently she started seeing another person and told me that I haven't been giving her what she needed. I don't understand where things went wrong, I was a good boyfriend to her, always cared for her and let her do her. I supported what her dreams were, and treated her with respect even when respect wasn't really deserved. I messed up in the beginning months of relationship and never messed up again. I just need someone elses opinion and advice.


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  • Unfortunately, stuff like this is really, really simple, especially at your age. The fact is, her ex-boyfriend made her hard and you didn't. It's just the way it is. It's so common to meet women in their early 20s who are dating some loser, unemployed guy and she'll talk about how he has a good heart, he's really funny, he's sweet, blah blah but all of that just avoids the truth which is that in spite of that fact that he's a loser, her panties get really wet when she thinks about him.

    These effects drop drastically as you get older, but when you're young it's pretty much all that matters. My advice is just to move on and don't worry about it. You're a fine looking guy, you're articulate, you're clearly intelligent -- go find someone else. There's only a few million of them out there and despite what you might think regarding how special this girl was, you'll find that all of her potential replacements work the same way.


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