If you are married and have been unhappy why are you still married?

Have you already been through counseling? Was there infidelity? Why are you unhappy?
  • Kids
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  • Finances
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  • Convenience
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  • In fear of starting over
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  • Other. Please share.
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  • Trying to make it work.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm in a marriage exactly like this.
    We have agreed that for now we are living together but seperated.
    Basically we are just housemates.
    And we date, and have separate social lives as we see fit.

    So why do we not separate and divorce yet? We plan on it.
    Right now I stay because of kids and seperating would cause financial ruin for both of us, and I don't want to put my children through that kind of hardship.


Most Helpful Girl

  • We have tried counseling, no infidelity, there's a lot of problems.
    Here's some examples:
    1. He has no empathy skills
    2. I have boundary issues and self esteem issues
    3. He Is passive aggressive
    4. He Is very reactive, only good at blaming everything on me
    5. I Have to solve all our problems or else he will just be angry
    6. No listening skills, kind of narcissistic as in he expects me to listen to him and show him empathy
    7. Instead of apologizing he makes excuses why he is an asshole, and says too bad i married him, deal with it
    8. He always acts like he is right and i am wrong, when it's 99% not true
    9. If he hurts my feelings, I have to pretend it's nothing but if I hurt his feelings he will call me names, yell and throw things
    10. He spends way too much money without telling me, on stupid hobbies that he just doesn't really need

    He doesn't want to change, i change or nothing

    Marriage is hard. I try 100%, he does nothing but complains


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What Guys Said 3

  • Unhappy is a strong word. Been together 19 years. Its the paradoz of marrying a "good girl"? She doesn't have a drop of freak in her in the bedroom. But, she brings so much to the table in other departments and I truly love her. 7 years ago we almost split up. We are like 2 different trees planted side by side. Eventually, your roots become intertwined. If you remove one tree, the other dies.

  • All those options you've given are good ones to stay together but if you don't have those issues or maybe like convenience on down.. either try to make it work or leave. I feel we'd all like to be happy in this life anyway we can and that can be a part of it.

  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork


What Girls Said 3

  • Not wanting to give up.

  • i would divorce

  • I think people want to make it work


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