Narcissist ex or cell phone issues?

I think I already know the answer but I'm terrible with technology. My cheating ex is more than likely full blown narcisstic personality disorder, no empathy, deflects blame, never apologize, sees nothing wrong in his behavior. So 3 months ago i called him out when I found out not only was he cheating but had her and her daughter staying there and would have me over within hours or vive versa, so he blocked my number, blocked me on instagram even though I never messaged him on instagram, and after that night he was caught and I flipped have not attempted contact at all. So 5 days ago I get just a blank message from him, two days ago just a text that says ok, last night another text that says ok. Is there any chance after 3 1/2 months his cell phone is sending old messages or is he just trying to mentally mess me up? I have not responded not will I, he broke me and he needs to leave me alone , but any insight is appreciated


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  • Narcissist.. every which way!

    • That's what I figured... thanks so much, still won't respond just wanted some input.. it ain't earth day and I'm not abo It to be reused and recycled so he'll get no response from me

    • run.. run far away!

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