Why is my boyfriend talking to a new girl right after we break up?

My boyfriend of 15 months broke up with me a month ago because we "fought too much". He asked this girl out like a few days after we broke up.. and he barely even knew her.. I'm so upset about it because he tells me he still loves me, and that he's really upset about our breakup but then he's asking other people out? I don't know what to do. I'm also sad about this because when we were dating he never asked me to hang out I was the one making all the plans.. but when he meets this girl and immediately asks her to hang out? :(


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  • Forget him he's enjoying his life hanging out with this other girl so y r u upset move on n Find someone else


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  • That's shitty. It's going to hurt... but:

    Obviously he took it for granted that you made all the plans. It seems to me like he wants to put effort into that new girl. If he really loved you he wouldn't have broken up 'cause you 'fight so much'. He would have stepped up and said: look we're fighting too much, we gotta change it or I'm leaving.

    What to do? Get over this dude A. S. A. P. no matter how hard that sounds.. he ain't worth your time anymore. Give yourself time to heal and get over him.

    • Thank you. But if he still loves me like he says he does why wouldent he want to just put effort into ME? And if he really doesent love me why is he telling me he still does?

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    • That's really really good advice. Thank u. Im getting better about it everyday, but I think it might take a while for me to get 100% over it. And it really helps to talk about it so tysm for the good advice

    • No problem! It's good to get this off your chest. Happy to help.

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  • Guys are like that. Sad but true. I've been through much worse. Just be glad you only dated him for just over a year and not for a long time. You can't fully know someone in a short time like that. Move on and be grateful it was just a short relationship


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