Do I have any chance with my ex?

Alright, so, my boyfriend dumped me almost two months ago. He started dating a new girl IMMEDIATELY (he is 15 years older than her, she is only 21). Not even a week later. I was horrible and still talked to him daily, texting him, but he was always distant.

Then, I waited a few weeks, and gradually started to text with him again, and he started to warm up to me again. He joked with me again, and laughed with me again. Then, today, suddenly he started to vent about his new girlfriend to me. They have been together for a little less than two months now.

I want to know if there is any chance he might want me back, ever? Or is he just venting to me because he only sees me as a friend now? I find it odd that he is venting to me about the same kind of issues that he and I had.

Please help me! Thank you!

Edit to add: I am asking if there is any chance he will come back to me when their relationship fails. I know it is only a matter of time before it does, and so, by comforting him with his problems am I ruining my chances of him considering me again?


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  • I have to wonder why you would even want him back! I'm in your shoes, I want my ex back but if he started dating a new girl right after and talked to me about it, WOW I would cut him off!

    BUT it sounds like you want him back, so I will let you in on some advice that I got from some "ex back" books:

    - first, he who cares least controls the relationship...dont let him know you care! be friendly, but don't be there for him! you cannot be his emotional support...he won't want you back if you are always available to him and if you are willing to put up with his crap!

    - DO NOT text or call him first...he has to come to you. when he does text or call you, take a while to respond, and make it obvious how busy you are!

    - go out and have fun, and make sure he knows about it! this includes going on dates (even fakes ones lol) and make sure he knows about it - like making your MSN status about a date or something...he needs to know you aren't sitting around waiting for his call!

    - another important tip these books talk about is that almost all rebound relationships fail, so take comfort in that...another thing - people want what they can't have, when he realizes he doesn't have you anymore, he will want you and not the rebound girl he has!

    Good luck! and keep me posted! :)

    • And I agree with you completely! Who wants to hear about the person their in love with dating someone else. THATS SICK but whatever floats people boats.

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  • What about his girlfriend? He shouldn't be talking to you about the problems in their relationship, he should talk to her about it. If you interject it won't make him want you (most likely). Just try to stay out of it.

    • When he started venting to me about her, I was shocked. But I think I handled it well. I did not say anything bad about her, I was completely nice. His complaint was that she makes plans with him and then turns around and makes plans with her friends instead, and he dislikes her friends... and is not invited.

      I basically advised him to tell her he'd love to hang out with them because I was sure if she knew that that she would take his feelings into account and invite him.

    • Ok, sounds like you gave him pretty good advice. But I stick by what I said. Try to stay out of it until he's single. Something similar happened to me only I was the girlfriend. He opted to try and save our relationship and completely cut his ex out of his life.

  • I think that is a bad idea to communicate with your ex when he or she is in a relationship. Especially, if the dumpee still has feelings for the dumper. LOL...You what I saying? You should just keep a distance. You may get hurt or hurt his new girlfriend. And once she finds out you probably won't have a relationahip with him any longer if he is serious about her,

    • Thank you, I do understand what you mean. I know how I would feel in her position. I am sure she wouldn't like it. I know she knows who I am because I asked him if he is ready to re-add each other online and he said that he didn't think she would like that. But he is okay with texting? Hmmm.

    • I think that you should just leave this guy alone. Because it sounds like he is just tagging you alone. I think if someone cared about you and your feelings especially if you guys broke up JUST 2 MONTHS AGO. THAT is not a reasonable time to say you guys can have a healthy friendship. He is willing to keep you around while he dating someone is which is not cool after a 2month break up.You want him back and I know it. You keep having these excuses to why to keep him around too Just give him space

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