Do I have any chance with my ex?

Alright, so, my boyfriend dumped me almost two months ago. He started dating a new girl IMMEDIATELY (he is 15 years older than her, she is only 21). Not even a week later. I was horrible and still talked to him daily, texting him, but he was always distant.

Then, I waited a few weeks, and gradually started to text with him again, and he started to warm up to me again. He joked with me again, and laughed with me again. Then, today, suddenly he started to vent about his new girlfriend to me. They have been together for a little less than two months now.

I want to know if there is any chance he might want me back, ever? Or is he just venting to me because he only sees me as a friend now? I find it odd that he is venting to me about the same kind of issues that he and I had.

Please help me! Thank you!
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Edit to add: I am asking if there is any chance he will come back to me when their relationship fails. I know it is only a matter of time before it does, and so, by comforting him with his problems am I ruining my chances of him considering me again?
Do I have any chance with my ex?
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