It hurts seeing my ex, and I have to everyday. What to do?

We quickly found each other, and started going out really fast. And ended really fast because he changed, and started to treat me wrong. The problem is -" we go to the same school, and live in the same house complex together. And I don't think I have feelings for him, just disappointment and hurt feelings. Also now I'm getting the feeling he's starting to replace me with another girl who also lives with us. I hate seeing him cause it reminded me of how he told me he wanted a serious relationship and after the got me, he treated me like shit. What to do?


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  • That's the exact reason why I don't date girls I have class with. Anyways, don't look at him, don't talk to him, don't think about him and he'll leave your memory

  • Just talk to him as a friend. Naturally. Normally. Forget what happened before. Just view as a person.


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